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Hunger is the number one enemy around the world today. At The Emmanuel Ivorgba Foundation, we have officially declared war on hunger and poverty. The Emmanuel Ivorgba Foundation exists to end hunger and poverty through investments in Education, social entrepreneurship, health and youth capacity development.

Since 2015, we’ve supported over 10,000 young people and women in 120 Communities  in 5 countries to overcome hunger and poverty.

The Emmanuel Ivorgba Foundation is an international Nonprofit Corporation with Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). We are on a mission to break the cycle of poverty and hunger through education, health, youth capacity development and collaboration with social entrepreneurs. We are building a movement that supports and empowers women, youth, and particularly students with educational opportunities.


150 Projects

Implemented in 120

Communities in 8 Years


10,000 Beneficiaries

Youth and Women supported

through projects implemented


6,500 Students

Received Educational Support,

including textbooks & Uniforms

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