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The Emmanuel Ivorgba Foundation presents 2017 Young Business Leaders Awards in Makurdi, Nigeria

On Saturday, June 10, 2017, The Emmanuel Ivorgba Foundation, in partnership with House of Hilkiah Foundation, presented Awards and cheques to Winners of the 2017 Young Business Leaders (YBL) Awards. The Awards ceremony was held at the Empire Suites, David Mark Bye Pass, High Level Makurdi, Benue State. Each of the Awardees received the sum of One Hundred Thousand Naira, to support their business ideas.

The Winners of the 2017 Young Business Leaders Awards (YBL) are:

  1. Marcus Edibogi Akor

  2. Sedoo Hope Ahobee

  3. Tavershima Torhemen

  4. Courage Iwanger Avajime

The Emmanuel Ivorgba Foundation launched its Young Business Leaders Award in March 2017, to support young Nigerian entrepreneurs with an integrated package of support to help them start and grow sustainable businesses. Helping young people to start their own business can make a direct impact on unemployment - because not only does the young person get a job, but they are able to create jobs for others. The Award provides access to finance, which is usually the most obvious challenge, as well training and mentoring support. Young Entrepreneurs will receive mini capital to grow their businesses as well as expert local support, specifically tailored to their needs.

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