The Emmanuel Ivorgba Foundation Signs Partnership Agreement with The Lili Centre


We are pleased to announced that, today, January 17, 2020, The Emmanuel Ivorgba Foundation has signed a Partnership Agreement with The Lili Centre to promote international cooperation, Social Integration and Inclusion, Intercultural Education, Learning and Capacity Building.

The Partners agree to explore opportunities and cooperate in the following areas of activity:

  • Social Integration and Inclusion: Create opportunities where people and communities are able to cope with changes in their lives and communities without blame or undue tension, to improve integration and result in long term cohesion in our world
  • Education: Develop Programs and project that help young people, educators and community leaders to acquire skills and resources needed to become global citizens, with an understanding of their own unique cultural heritage.
  • Exchange Programs: Design, support and sponsor a wide variety of opportunities for the exchange of resources, ideas and experiences, and contribute to a more peaceful global community by humanizing international relations.
  • Learning and Capacity Building: This includes knowledge sharing, organizational development and sustainability.

THE LILI CENTRE is a Community for international residents and internationally minded locals in Central Switzerland, providing opportunities for people to learn, share knowledge, experiences and grow together.

THE EMMANUEL IVORGBA FOUNDATION is a registered nonprofit working to end hunger and poverty in Africa, through investments in Education, Social Entrepreneurship and Youth Leadership Development.